The Temporary Register is for practitioners who intend to practise for not more than three months at a time in a calendar year. 

Practice Rights and Limitations

  1. Practice Environment – A person on the Temporary Register must practise only in an approved or accredited health facility.
  2. Validity of Licence – Temporary registration is valid for a period of three consecutive years. A Temporary licence is valid for up to three months in the same calendar year but subject to renewal yearly for three consecutive years.
  3. Practice Rights – A person on a Temporary Register may
    • independently practise medicine or dentistry within the scope of their practice,
    • subject to the provisions of Act 857 or any other enactment, prescribe and store dangerous and restricted medicines,
    • sign a certificate or document required by law to be signed by a medical or dental practitioner, and
    • recover charges or fees in a Court of law for medical or dental advice, or attendance, or for performance of an operation or procedure.

Note: All persons registered must note that it is their responsibility to ensure that they do not work outside the scope of their registration and or licence. 

Further, a practitioner who does not intend or no longer intends to practise medicine or dentistry may choose to hold a registration only with Council.

Guidelines for Temporary Registration Application


This document spells out the procedure for applying for Temporary Registration via the online portal. It is important to note that this only forms part of the application process and applicants will be required to present a printed and signed copy of the application at the Medical & Dental Council office to finish their application. The purpose of the online application is to speed up the application process and ensure that all data retained by the Council on permanent applicants are accurate. The entire temporary application process shall be broken into 3 parts in this document:

  1. Fill out the online form for the application
  2. Print the completed form
  3. Submit the form to the MDC head office or regional/zonal offices

Requirements for registration

  1. Diploma(s) / Certificate(s) – Original or Certified Copy(ies).
  2. 1 Passport Photograph
  3. 2 Letters of Reference( Referees should be in practice for at least  8 years or of the status of  Principal Medical  Officer and be in Good standing with the Council).
  4. Registration Fees 
  5. Certification of Good Standing or Current license to Practice (applicable to all  applicants  not provisionally  registered  with  Council)
  6. C.V./Resume    
  7. Letter from Regional Director of Health Services (RHDS) of the Region in which the Practitioner would be working
  8. Evidence  of  selection  for  employment/engagement (separate form)

Your passport photograph must be:

In colour

  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
  • With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  • Taken in clothing (official) that you normally wear

Any picture that does not conform with the above would be rejected

N.B. All documents in languages other than English should be translated into English.


Filling the online form for the application

Follow these steps to complete the online temporary application form

  1. Go to in any web browser to open the application portal
  2. Scroll down to the menu tab labelled “Application for Temporary Registration”, and click on the link “Fill the Application Form”
  3. This will open the application form. All fields in the form are required except those marked “Optional”
  4. You are required to upload a passport picture as part of the application. Please do not upload a selfie, full picture, or any kind of picture that you would not submit if making an official application. Your application may be rejected if you do so
  5. You are required to scan and upload copies of your certificate, and the 2 letters from your referees
  6. Once you fill in all the fields, click on the “Submit” button.
  7. An email will be sent to you containing a temporary code which you will use to print the form.

Printing the completed form

Once you have submitted the form and received the email containing your temporary code, you will be required to print the form.

  1. Go to in any web browser to open the application portal
  2. Scroll down to the menu tab labelled “Application for Temporary Registration”, and click on the link “Edit/Print the Application Form”
  3. In the form that opens, enter your email address and the temporary code that was sent to you upon registration, and click the ‘Submit’ button
  4. If the email and code were correct, your form will be displayed on the screen.
  5. To print, click on the green ‘Print’ button.

Submission and Vetting:

After printing, the forms (along with copies of your certificate, referee’s letters, and other requirements) are to be submitted to any of these offices for Vetting before payment:

  • MDC Head Office in Accra
  • Zonal Office in Kumasi
  • Zonal Office in Tamale
  • Zonal Office in Takoradi
  • Zonal Office in Koforidua


Payment must be made into the MDC Ecobank account and present the pay-in slip to either the MDC Head Office in Accra or the Kumasi and Tamale Zonal Offices. CASH PAYMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Bank Account Details:

Account Number: 1441001134216

Click here for more payment options


  • Can I update my application after submitting it? Yes. From the time you first fill out the form to the time you submit the form to the office, you can make as many changes as you need to your application.
    a. To edit, go to the application portal using the link stated above. In the menu section labelled “Temporary Registration Application Form”, click the link “Edit/Print Application form”
    b. Enter your email address and the temporary code that was generated and sent to your email when you first applied
    c. When the form opens, click on the ‘Edit’ button. Change any of the information as needed, and click the ‘Submit’ button
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